Domain Name Disputes



Disputes over domain names have become commonplace with ICANN arbitrations numbering in the thousands and Federal Court opinions numbering in the hundreds. The sections below provide information on the most common questions I am asked.

We represent clients from around the world on issues relating to domain names. In ICANN arbitrations, which arise under the UDRP and are handled by WIPO, NAF and CPR, we are frequently able to accept clients from around the globe. While we limit the handling of such cases to those that have some nexis with U.S. law, such circumstances might arise where both parties are outside the U.S. but the registrar is within the U.S.

Trademark and domain name law is largely Federal. With respect to Federal Court litigation we have represented clients from around the world in Federal Courts throughout the U.S. Sometimes this may involve the use of local counsel in certain Federal Districts. Whether or not we are able to represent any particular client on a particular claim can only be determined after consultation and conflict checks.

If you have received a cease and desist letter, notice of litigation, or notice of an arbitration commenced against you, then you must act quickly.

Federal lawsuits only allow 20 days to respond.  ICANN arbitration also allows 20 days.  No response will likely result in a default against you.  In the event you lose the arbitration then litigation must be instituted within 10 days. This is difficult to do unless you are prepared for it ahead of time.  Do not wait to contact legal counsel.

A.  What are Domain Names?

B.  U.S. Law and Domain Names.

C.  ICANN (UDRP, WIPO, NAF) Arbitration.

D.  Interesting Decisions.

E.  Firm Experience.


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